TalkToRegal – Win $100 Gift Card –

TalkToRegal – TalkToRegal is meticulously harnessing the tools of the modern age to advance itself and work towards enhanced customer engagement and convenience.



TalkToRegal – Win $100 Gift Card –

At a click now you can access movie information, showtimes, and even make advanced bookings.  

It also commits to the safety and enjoyable environment of consumers making the movie a memorable experience. Regal Cinemas Customer Satisfaction Survey is available at the site

The survey awards its twelve customers with a hundred-dollar gift card for their honest feedback.

How to take the TalkToRegal survey?

To take part in Regal Cinemas Customer Satisfaction Survey you need to follow these instructions step by step –

Step 1:- To participate in the survey make sure you have a recent receipt from a nearby Regal Cinemas.

Step 2:- Open your browser and visit  

Step 3:- The survey will begin from here.

Step 4:- You can attempt in the language English or Spanish.

Step 5:- Fill in the required information like the twenty-digit receipt code, store number, and time of visit.

Step 6:- Answer the questionnaire based on your experience of the visit.

Step 7:- Rate your experience on a five-pointer scale.

Step 9:- Make sure you are honest in your review.

Step 10:- Provide the server with your personal details.

Step 11:- Make sure the information is correct.

Step 12:- On successful submission, you become eligible for sweepstake entry. 

Step 13:- Wait for the results and keep an eye on your email box.

Benefits & Rewards By TalkToRegal

For your time and honesty Regal Cinemas awarded twelve participants with a hundred-dollar Regal Cinemas Gift cards. You can redeem these gift cards upon your next visit through online booking or in-house tickets.

You can also win free movie tickets, popcorn, and other crunchies. 


Terms & Conditions

  • You must be a legal resident of the USA to participate.
  • Your legal age should be eighteen or older.
  • Each coupon can only be redeemed once and each receipt code can be once only once you enter the survey.
  • The offer is valid throughout the promotion period.
  • The coupon received is only valid for seven days. After that, it expires.
  • Each receipt can be used only once.
  • The only official website of the survey is
  • You cannot give the reward to a third party, it must be received by the participant only.
  • Any form of fraud will lead to disqualification from the survey.
  • Employees or any person associated with the firm cannot participate in the survey.
  • Incomplete information in the feedback form will lead to disqualification.
  • The survey is live through the year 2023.

Requirements Of TalkToRegal

  • For the online, you need a stable internet connection along with a laptop or desktop or mobile.
  • The recipient of the purchase is mandatory.
  • It is essential to match the eligibility criteria.

About TalkToRegal Cinemas

Regal Cinemas is one of the largest theatre chains in the United States, known for providing a diverse range of movies and an exceptional movie-going experience.

With a history dating back to 1989, Regal Entertainment Group has grown to become a leading force in the exhibition industry.Regal Cinemas operates a vast network of theatres across the country, with over 500 locations in 42 states.

These theatres range from small, intimate venues to large, state-of-the-art multiplexes, accommodating different movie preferences and offering a variety of viewing experiences.

From mainstream blockbusters to independent films, Regal Cinemas strives to showcase a wide range of movies to cater to diverse audience tastes.

The theatre experience at Regal Cinemas is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and high-quality entertainment. Many theatres offer amenities like recliner seats, premium screens, and cutting-edge audiovisual technology to enhance the movie experience.

Contact Details Of TalkToRegal


Address:  Regal Entertainment Group, 101 E. Blount Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee 37920, United States

Phone number:  (877) 835-5734

Conclusion Of TalkToRegal

This article has given the reader a comprehensive overview of Regal Cinemas Consumer Satisfaction feedback. You can now visit the site and win exciting prizes. The very best of luck with the rewards.


Frequently Asked Questions about TalkToRegal

  • Question:- Where can I contact you in case of any queries?

Answer: You can contact us at the following places 


Address:  Regal Entertainment Group, 101 E. Blount Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee 37920, United States

Phone number:  (877) 835-5734.

  • Question:- Can I participate if I’m younger than eighteen?

Answer: No you cannot participate if that is the case. 

  • Question:- Do I need to be a US citizen?

Answer: Only the residents of the United States of America can participate in the survey.

  • Question:- Where can I find the survey online?

Answer: is the official survey website.

  • Question:- What is the deadline of this survey?

Answer: You can participate in this survey anytime in the promotional period.

  • Question:- Is the reward guaranteed?

Answer: No, the reward is not guaranteed. It is probable.

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