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Potbellylistens – Established in 1977, Potbelly stands today as an established sandwich chain offering a wide range of menus like sandwiches, salads, and soups.


The firm commits itself to social good by enabling sustainability and waste reduction initiatives. It has emerged as a popular destination for casual dining and aims at expanding in scope. 

With its outreach on social media, it aims at building a data collection platform to collect reviews on the basis of its quality, management, customer service, support, management, etc.

www.potbellylistens.com is the site to give your honest opinions and win free cookies with your favorite sandwich.

How to take Potbelly Listens Survey?

Step 1:- To participate in the survey make sure you have a recent receipt from a nearby Potbelly Restaurant.

Step 2:- Open your browser and visit www.potbellylistens.com  

Step 3:- The survey will begin from here.

Step 4:- You can attempt in the language English or Spanish.

Step 5:- Fill in the required information like the twenty-digit receipt code, store number, and time of visit.

Step 6:- Answer the questionnaire based on your experience of the visit.

Step 7:- Rate your experience on a five-pointer scale.

Step 8:- Rate the food, services, staff, and hospitality on the basis of satisfied to unsatisfied.

Step 9:- Make sure you are honest in your review.

Step 10:- Provide the server with your personal details.

Step 11:- Make sure the information is correct.

Step 12:- On successful submission of the form you will receive the validation code.

Step 13:- You can redeem this code on your next visit to Potbelly Restaurant. 

Benefits & Rewards By PotBellyListens

When you take part in www.potbellylistens.com you get a chance to suggest improvement and positive criticism. For your time and honesty, the company rewards you with free meals and discount coupons.

Yes! You heard it right. By simply attempting the questionnaire at www.potbellylistens.com you can win free Potbelly coupons. Through this, you can get free cookies or sandwiches at your next visit.

So what are you waiting for? Go to www.potbellylistens.com and claim your prizes. 


Terms & Conditions

  • You must be a legal resident of the USA to participate.
  • Your legal age should be eighteen or older.
  • Each coupon can only be redeemed once and each receipt code can be once only once you enter the survey.
  • The offer is valid throughout the promotion period but the receipt received from the counter expires after fourteen days.
  • The coupon received is only valid for thirty days. After that, it expires.
  • Each receipt can be used only once.
  • The only official website of the survey is www.potbellylistens.com.
  • You cannot give the reward to a third party, it must be received by the participant only.
  • Any form of fraud will lead to disqualification from the surr.
  • Employees or any person associated with the firm cannot participate in the survey
  • Incomplete information in the feedback form will lead to disqualification.

Requirements Of PotBellyListens

  • As the survey is only available online you need a stable internet connection along with a laptop or desktop or mobile.
  • The recipient of the purchase is mandatory.
  • It is essential to match the eligibility criteria.

About PotBellyListens Corporation

Potbelly Corporation is a publicly traded sandwich chain with over 400 locations in the United States and several other countries. The company was founded in 1977 in Chicago, Illinois, and has since grown to become a popular fast-casual restaurant known for its toasted sandwiches.

Potbelly offers a menu of sandwiches, salads, soups, and sides, with a focus on high-quality ingredients and flavors. The company prides itself on its signature bread, which is baked fresh in-store every day.

Some of their most popular sandwiches include the “Wreck” and the “Italian,” but they also offer vegetarian and vegan options. In addition to its food offerings, Potbelly is also well-known for its eclectic and trendy atmosphere.

Many of its locations feature unique decor, live music performances, and a warm and inviting ambiance. The company aims to create a welcoming and enjoyable experience for its customers, whether they dine in or order takeout or delivery.

Conclusion Of Potbellylistens

This article has provided you with a thorough understanding of the Potbelly Customer Satisfaction Survey. You can now attempt the same at 

www.potbellylistens.com. Try to be suggestive in your feedback and enjoy your discount coupons with your friends and family.

The official website of Potbelly Customer Satisfaction Survey is www.potbellylistens.com. Best of luck with the same!


Contact Details

In case of any queries, you can contact us at these addresses:

Address: 111 N Canal St Ste 850 Chicago, Illinois, 60606-7204, United States.

Website: www.potbellylistens.com 

Phone number: (312) 951-0600

Frequently asked questions

  • Question:- Where can I contact you in case of any queries?

Answer: You can contact us at the following places 

Address: 111 N Canal St Ste 850 Chicago, Illinois, 60606-7204, United States.

Website: www.potbellylistens.com 

Phone number: (312) 951-0600

  • Question:- Can I participate if I’m younger than eighteen?

Answer: No you cannot participate if that is the case. 

  • Question:- Do I need to be a US citizen?

Answer: Only the residents of the United States of America can participate in the survey.

  • Question:- Where can I find the survey online?

Answer: www.potbellylistens.com is the official survey website.

  • Question:- What is the deadline for this survey?

Answer: You can participate in this survey anytime during the promotional period.

  • Question:- Is the reward guaranteed?

Answer: Yes. It could be free cookies or gift vouchers or discount coupons. Make sure to redeem them within the next thirty days.

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